What can I do?

Lately, I have been witnessing many things being done by individuals in their communities that help their neighborhoods grow economically as well as provide services for those less fortunate than others. I have always wanted to be able to give to others even though I think I don’t have much to give to them.

However, a few of my friends have pointed out that I have an optimistic way of looking at things and I always seem to be sharing the ‘wealth of knowledge’ I have obtained over the years. So, they have encourage me to do just that–share my knowledge and skills with others.

So, today is the day I commit myself to doing just that for others. Now, I have to find the best way to do this task. What can I do that would make a difference to others and economically bring growth to my community and neighboring areas? Well, here are some of the things of what I would like to incorporate within my endeavors ( I am sure this will grow enormously as I get into my venture :):

1. Be able to create jobs.

2. Be able to bring our youth and elderly together.

3. Be able to encourage other companies (within the community and neighboring cities) to participate.

4. Creating an environment within our community that may be modeled anywhere in the world.

Well, as I get my thoughts in order for this adventure, it is hoped that you as readers will  also want to ‘play it forward’ within your communities. Please feel free to share what your thoughts or the things you have already established within your communities. As this blog grows, so will our communities. Remember, there are several ways you can help others: volunteering, donating, sharing knowledge, praying…are just a few methods. Here is a link from another blog that had a 100 ways:http://learnthis.ca/2010/02/100-ways-to-serve-others/

May you have a wonderful week!

Best regards,